“Thank you for keeping in contact with us as part of the After Care Program. We appreciate you reviewing our financial situation and loans to make sure we are still on the best possible deal. You identified areas that could be improved and implemented changes that immediately saved us money.  Thank you, we trust your advice"  

(R & R - Existing Clients, SA)

Our After Care Program

We based our company on providing  "Trusted Lifetime Advice"

As a valued client of Loveday Financial you automatically qualify for our After Care program, providing you with peace of mind and expert advice so you always have the highest performing mortgage. 

How you Benefit

Having us as your financial mortgage professional to manage your lending now and into the future is a crucial step towards achieving financial freedom.   We assist and continually guide you with decisions relating to your lending to ensure you capitalise on current opportunities and maintain the most outstanding position.

As a member of our After Care program, you will be invited to take up an annual review of your loan portfolio.  This "financial "health" check ensures you continue to have the most cost competitive home or investment loan available and that your loan portfolio is still aligned with your longer term goals and objectives. 

Our program is designed to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your finances are managed by a qualified mortgage professional on an ongoing basis.

In most cases we find we can save our clients money and make adjustments

Annual Review Process

Our review process is designed simply to ensure you remain on track and continue to take advantage of what is available to you.

We have key focus areas that we will cover for you as part of your complimentary review process.   

Focus # 1: (Most Competitive/Save Money)

We review your current loans and financial position to ensure they are still the most competitive and look for ways to save you money and improve your financial position.

Focus # 2: (Property Performance/Growth/Potential)

We review the growth of your property and establish if you have built equity in your property and how your loan balance is tracking. We can then show you opportunities of how to release and release equity to assist with buying more property and building wealth for your retirement. Additionally we can show you how to reduce your mortgage and pay it off sooner with reduction strategies

Focus # 3: (Lending Environment)

We consider the lending market and current economic environment and if required we alter your loan structures to ensure you are minimising your risk and remaining in the best possible position.

Focus # 4: (Tax/Investments)

Following the completion of your tax returns, we help establish if your tax position is the most effective and if your existing loans and loan structures are aligned effectively. We will also assess if your structure remains suitable depending on any changes that may have occurred in your life. 

Focus # 5: (Fees/Costs)

After each 12 month period, we assess the current fee's and bottom line costs of your existing lending and make a direct comparison of what is available to you in the market available, and if the current lender or another could improve the offer and benefit you 

Focus # 6: (Financial Planning/Super/Insurance)

As part of our review, we will establish if due to possible changes you have any financial planning, superannuation or personal insurance requirements that you may benefit from updated advice. We will assist with demonstrating ways to protect your assets and plan for your future.  

Focus # 7: (Relationship)

Keeping it personal. We are also interested to know how life is treating our clients and keep abreast of any major changes - both positive and negative. We love to keep in touch and simply travel the financial path together. 


"Surround yourself with people that are only going to lift you higher"